The meeting place for each session will be notified upon registration.

The times indicated below are subject to change, depending on the season.

I send participants the detailed program with timetables around ten days before the start of the course.

Day 1: 

Welcome greetings & Important things to keep in mind during the observation.

2 p.m.-5 p.m.: Black woodpecker in a Morvan beech

Before the lookout, and like every session, i offer you a documented presentation of the species, feedback and the observations techniques it requires.

From about twenty meters from a black woodpecker’s lodge, we will observe their daily activities, such as feeding the younger ones and coming in and out of the lodge. Courtship displays can also be seen depending on the season. Birds of other species from the beech forest may also show up. (Mars woodpeckers, treecreepers, birds of prey, etc.)

8-10 p.m.: Badgers at dusk

The forests of Morvan and its bocages are made up of numerous badger burrows. The striped faces of badgers in a dark undergrowth will provide you with an unforgettable sight.

Other animals that can « cohabit » with badgers may be observed during the lookout: foxes, martens, or wild cats, although rare. 

Day 2

6.30 am-9 am Dippers and other birds of the Cure

After a walk along the banks of the Cure, we’ll sit next to the granite rocks and the fallen trees of the torrential river, to spot the dippers. This strange and unique sparrow walking at the bottom of the water in search of aquatic invertebrates presents us with a beautiful scene.  

Other possible species: gray wagtail, herons…

8:30-10:30 p.m. Roe deers, foxes, martens, and other mammals…

At the edge of the forest/meadow, we will watch out for nocturnal mammals. The tranquility of the Morvan in the evening allows for beautiful and unexpected encounters with foxes, deers, wild boars, and martens…

Other rarer potential species: wild cats, polecats…

Day 3

9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Kingfisher and other birds at the edge of a pond (or deer and doe depending on the season)

We will settle down at the edge of one of the many ponds of the Morvan to observe the « blue arrow » and other pond birds (egrets, sandpipers, birds of prey, etc.)

Useful information :

– Pick up available at Avallon station for meeting points, for those without means of transportation. 

– Concerned sectors of Morvan and south of Yonne: Chastellux-sur-Cure – Saint-Martin du Puy – Quarré les tombes – Lucy-le-Bois

– Bring good walking shoes, boots, raincoats, and warm clothes.  

– Good physical condition

– Camouflage clothes/netting  provided

– Group limited to 3 people/stage

– 6 sessions of two to three hours 

– Price: 130 euros per person, 150 euros for 4 days stage 

– Minimum age: 14 years old

– The price does not include accommodation and meals (I provide breakast !) 

– Airbnbs and gites nearly (click on the green links):

→Le Relais de Saint-Germain

→Petit paradis au cœur du Morvan

→Maison La Rivière